4 protein snacks, healthy and quick to make

4 healthy and practical protein snack options

These protein snack ideas are easy to make at home. If you’re after a pre- or post-workout portion of protein, or just want to balance your protein intake per day, these snacks ideas are for you. Simply grab them on the go and enjoy. 
They will help provide enough protein to meet your muscle mass goals.
Here are our favourites...

High Protein snacks that work for you

1. High protein yoghurt with toppings

Looking for a delicious and easy way to add some protein to your snack? Spoonable or drinkable high protein healthy yoghurts are delicious and easy ways to integrate protein in your day-to-day diet. The best part about it? A snack with yoghurt can be changed up with a variety of your favourite toppings depending on what you’re craving.

Granola is a good choice for extra crunch, but some can be packed with sugar, so check the label and choose a low sugar option. If you need a little more sweetness using simple ingredients, add some bananas or berries at home.

By the way, YoPRO has a range of high protein products for all occasions, from fruity blueberry pot with 15g of protein to delicious nut bars with 20g per portion. Go for it, we’re pretty sure you will like it as much as we do!

2. Protein bars

Protein bars are a great snack when you’re on the move. However, many pre-made bars you find in supermarkets can be high in added sugar, so make sure you read the nutritional panel!

3. Boiled eggs

If you’re looking for a snack with protein, eggs are an excellent choice. They’re also a source of good fats, and vitamins D and E. Hard-boiled eggs can be tasty on salads, in sandwiches or eaten on their own. It takes only 10 minutes to boil them so try doing a batch of them at the beginning of the week, then keep them in the fridge for up to 7 days for when you need a snack, or your meal needs a little extra protein.

4. Mixed seeds

Seeds are a great example of plant protein. Good choices to look out for include chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and flaxseeds . Many seeds contain lots of fibre and good fats, including omega 3, and they are easy to add to yoghurt, porridge or salads, or to graze on their own.

Protein snacks don’t need to be hard work. Whether you’re looking for healthy snacks to take to work or to optimise your post-workout recovery, add protein to your snack selection as a simple solution.

Written by: Ashley Manning

Any medical advice and views expressed are those of the author; readers should obtain medical advice.

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