About us

As protein experts, we deliver products with the right amount of nutritionally optimized protein. Delicious, convenient and with no nasties like added sugar or artificials.

The better the fuel, the better your performance. That’s why we ensure you have the protein you need in the formats and flavours you want. So you have the fuel to rise to the challenge.

We started with yoghurts…made from all natural milk from Aussie cows, our yoghurt has been cultured to perfection, leaving you with thick, creamy yoghurt, packed full of protein.

How do we pack all that protein into our yoghurts?
Using a traditional yoghurt making process, we strain over three cups of fresh milk to create one cup of YoPRO. This process increases the natural protein by over three times, leaving you with more of what you want, at almost no fat.

And what makes us really special?
Unlike most other protein brands, YoPRO’s range contains no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial colours or flavours - making YoPRO the perfect protein-packed breakfast, afternoon treat or post workout snack.

A healthy Product for everyone

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