Frequently asked questions


YoPRO is a protein brand looking to fuel athletes and amateurs alike using the best quality ingredients and in the most natural way possible.

Our product range includes yoghurt and protein bars all with; High Protein, 0 Added Sugar, 0 Artificial sweeteners and 0 Artificial colours, flavours and low calories.

YoPRO products are available at all major retailers and can be found in the yoghurt aisle (Woolworths, Coles, IGA & Costco).

YoPRO is made locally in the Kiewa Valley, Victoria, with all our milk sourced from Aussie cows.

A high protein yoghurt is any yoghurt that contains more than 10g of protein per serve.
YoPRO is high in natural protein, with 15g of protein per serve in its fruit/flavoured products and 17g of protein in YoPRO Plain.

YoPRO uses a traditional strained process to make its yoghurt. In fact we strain over three cups of fresh milk to create one cup of YoPRO. This process strains out some of the excess liquid leaving you with naturally thick and creamy yoghurt that contains over three times the natural protein of regular yoghurts.

Compared to regular yoghurts YoPRO also contains high protein, and no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

Yoghurt naturally contains sugar from milk (lactose) and sometimes fruit (fructose), however most yoghurts also add sugar. Unlike these yoghurts, YoPRO does not contain any added sugar.

YoPRO contains no added sugar; the sugar in YoPRO comes from the natural milk sugar (lactose). The level of the natural milk sugar is about 4g/100g.

The protein is from milk and it is naturally concentrated through our traditional strained process. All sugar is naturally occurring from the milk (lactose) or the fruit (fructose) and there are no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. YoPRO does not contain any preservatives or gelatine.

YoPRO yoghurt may contain nuts or traces of nuts and egg. YoPRO is not suitable for people allergic to cow’s milk proteins or other milk components.

YoPRO yoghurts currently have a ‘may contain gluten’ statement as a precaution in the unlikely case of cross contamination on our production line. Lines are washed in between production runs to ensure the chance of cross contamination is minimal.

Yes, YoPRO is a low GI product. All YoPRO flavours have a Glycemic index below 50.
(Plain GI = 27, Vanilla GI = 24, Strawberry GI = 27, Passionfruit = 30, Mango GI = 33)

People who are lactose intolerant may be able to consume yoghurt, including YoPRO, but only after consultation with their doctor or dietitian.

YoPRO yoghurt does not contain any gelatine and is suitable for vegetarians.

YoPRO bars contain collagen and are not suitable for vegetarians.

Yes, as a dairy product YoPRO is recommended for daily consumption for adult women and men. YoPRO contains a high level of calcium, protein, no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners and less than 1% fat.

As recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013), dairy is part of the core food group and a good source of many nutrients, including calcium and protein. Dairy consumption recommendations:

  • Adults 19 – 50 years: 2.5 serves of per day

  • Women 51+ years: 4 serves per day

  • Men 51 – 70 years: 2.5 serves per day

  • Men 70+ years: 2.5 serves per day

Stevia is a plant based natural sweetener that is derived from stevia leaves.
YoPRO uses Stevia to add sweetness instead of adding sugar.