Healthy Snacks to Take to Work


Have you ever hit that 3 o’clock slump and reached for a treat to perk you up? We have! Work can be busy and stressful and when we’re short on time, we don’t always make the healthiest choices when it comes to food. That’s why it’s a great idea to plan ahead with snacks ideas that are quick and easy to make. If you need a bit of inspiration, here are some healthy snacks for work.

1. Protein Yoghurt – plain with toppings or flavoured, choose what you like the most!

Did you know that yoghurts are sources of calcium and protein [1] ? If you want to make it a little sweeter, add berries, apples, grapes and a small amount of honey drizzled on top. Athletes, looking for a quick and easy way to top up your protein level at work? YoPRO has a range of spoonable high-protein yoghurts like the deliciously fruity strawberry pot with 15g of protein per serve.

2. Home-made sandwich for your savoury cravings

It’s obviously easier to buy a ready-made sandwich, but shop-bought sandwiches are sometimes high in salt and saturated fat. To make a nutritious sandwich, why not try using wholegrain bread, lean meats you’ve grilled or roasted and lots of salad? If you’re looking for a meat-free alternative, falafel, hummus and jackfruit are great options. You can still include your favourite spread like mayo and mustard, but just try to use it in moderation as they can also be high in salt and saturated fat.

3. Carrots as a fresh snack

Carrots are a great healthy, crunchy snack. The sweet root vegetable is nice on its own but if you fancy a dip, hummus or a nut butter can add a bit more flavour! It’s an ideal healthy snack for work because it’s quick and easy to prepare!

4. Fruit salad

Throw all of your favourite fruits into a bowl and drizzle with YoPRO high protein yoghurt or a little honey for a refreshingly sweet treat! If you’re wondering what fruits to choose, try pineapple which is full of vitamin C and manganese, add blueberries for some fibre and vitamin K and apples also for fibre. [2] The best part? You can prepare it the night before so you can grab and go in the morning!

5. Dark chocolate for sweet-tooth

Who said chocolate couldn’t be included on a list of helpful snacks to take to work? We certainly didn’t! Try to stick to the darker varieties of chocolate though (around 70% cacao or higher! [3]). Some products contain dried fruit, nuts and seeds too! There’s nothing better than taking a break at work and knowing that you have something mouth-watering to eat!

6. Dried fruit

Dried fruits can form part of a healthy, balanced diet. They provide fibres but as they are also high in sugar it's a snack to consume in small quantities! From apricots to mango, dried fruits are delicious on their own, sprinkled over yoghurt or mixed with nuts, they are easy, sweet snacks to take to work.

7. Milk drinks

Milk is a well-known source of protein which is important for athletes when training. But milk also contains calcium and B vitamins which are essential for a balanced diet - a great afternoon snack for any athlete training before and after work.

8. Cereal bar for a crunchy snack

As delicious as cereal bars are, some are high in sugar and saturated fat so it’s best to check the label before buying. You’ll see that some have a mix of dried fruit, oats, nuts and seeds meaning they can contain protein, magnesium, potassium and good fats. Looking for ways to elevate your cereal bar? Have a go at making your own, or mix it with some YoPRO high protein yoghurt!

9. Rice cracker with healthy toppings

Rice crackers make a great accompaniment to dips as a healthy snack. Spread on some cottage cheese for added protein, and calcium. You could also add peanut or almond butter for a dose of good fat. Or try avocado which also contains good fats and is loaded with potassium and fibre!

10. Whey protein shake, for protein-nuts!

Whey protein, a nutrient found in milk, is a great choice of post-workout snack if you intend on squeezing in a training session before or after work. Why? Because the protein is absorbed quickly and contains BCAAs to help build and recover your muscles and it’s super easy to add in shakes. If you’re short on time, you can buy some foods that contain whey protein - like our YoPRO Perform range, with 20g protein, and BCAAs!

You just got a sneak peek of some ideas for healthy snacks for work. So, go for it; bring your box on the next break at work, you won’t regret it!

Written by: Ashley Manning

Any medical advice and views expressed are those of the author; readers should obtain medical advice.





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